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Kennedy is the Place to Be!

Finally finishing high school has been a long-awaited as well as exciting experience… but before we get to the end, I have to tell you about my journey.

I joined Kennedy as a very young 2 ½-year-old. I was in diapers, could barely walk or even talk but Kennedy was very glad to have me as part of the family. I don’t remember much from my earlier days at Kennedy school, but what I can tell you is that being at Kennedy has always been fun. I remember when I was in pre-unit and we were playing police & robber and hide & seek with people who were two classes ahead of us, which wouldn’t normally happen in regular schools. I remember how we used to pray that we were getting jelly or ice cream at home time rather than fruits. I remember when we were in the JAC bus chanting “dereva dereva, tia motto” because we were racing with the ISUZU bus.

Other than fun, in Kennedy I have always felt supported and protected. The fellow students, mentors and teachers around you are always there to make you feel better when you’re not okay. They’re literally your in-school therapists. People here will never hesitate to help you or correct you when you’re wrong. I remember once being caught by Ms Penina with my mum’s glasses because I wanted to show my peers that I’m a cool kid. Lemme just end that with how I never did anything like that again.

So back on the topic of finishing Highschool, let’s talk about my IGCSE’S. For most of the mock exams that we did, I hadn’t really taken them seriously because it hadn’t hit me yet. But by the time we were doing our last two mocks, I realised that this is something were actually going to do. And I thought it had really hit me at that point but no. These exams really came to hit me on the first day of exams; when we were in the van outside Ms Njery’s house and I was sitting there with tears in my eyes, hands and legs shaking and teeth tingling. There’s even evidence of this in my first paper as my hands were shaking so much that it was visible in my handwriting. Regardless of how much of a roller-coaster this exam season has been, I am very grateful to have had all the support I have received. I am grateful for all the good wishes and prayers I have received from my schoolmates, teachers, family and friends. I am grateful for my dad, baba Danphill, Bonnie and Ms Njery for waking up early in the morning just to make sure we arrive at St. Mary’s school on time. I am grateful to my parents and all the teachers who called me after every single exam just to ask me how it was. A special shout out to my parents for waking up just to pray with me almost every day and telling me that it’ll be okay, even when I was crying right after my math paper 4. The love and support that I have received is like no other.


Coming into school for graduation, I couldn’t believe that this was my last day of being a high schooler. It was so great to see not only the school but also everyone’s faces again after a while.

The prom was amazing. People really showed up and showed off, especially our teachers, who came in like it was THEIR prom. I love how it was not just a night of celebration, but also a night where we got mentors to come and speak to us about life after high school. I think one of the highlights of my night was how the prank our parents had planned failed miserably as the limo showed up early.

So now that I have been in Kennedy for almost 13 years and have done both my primary and secondary education there (and trust me, no one is paying me to say this), Kennedy is the place to be. It’s not just a school, it’s a family… a community.

It’s not just a school, it’s a family!

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