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The Kennedy Newsletter

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

"Expressing Gratitude for a Fruitful Term of Learning and Development"

As another busy yet incredibly fruitful term draws to a close, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Our learning journey has been an exciting and enriching experience, providing us with exposure to a myriad of facets of life. We take immense pride in the progress our students have made and the positive impact they have had on our work. Witnessing their growth and development as they learn new things and acquire new skills has been an immensely fulfilling experience.

"Expanding the Kennedy Family: Embracing New Students and Building Brighter Future"

This term, we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to 15 new children and their families who have joined us at our school. The Kennedy family is growing, and we couldn't be more excited! We express our sincere gratitude to all those who referred these families to us. Your endorsement of our school serves as a testament to the quality of education we provide, and we are grateful for your support. Together, we will continue to thrive and establish a renowned institution that our future generations can take pride in.

"Preparing for Success: Exploring Career Opportunities with @kipepeoBiz Mentorship Program"

The @kipepeoBiz mentorship program initiated a new theme this term titled "THE FUTURE OF WORK." Our focus was on exploring various career options, culminating in a "DRESS FOR YOUR CAREER DAY" event. This exercise proved to be a valuable starting point for our students to contemplate their future and take the first steps towards achieving their goals.

Our theme will continue into the next term, as we strive to equip our students with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their chosen careers.

"Empowering Ourselves: The Transformative Benefits of Martial Arts Training with Master Shadrack"

Under the tutelage of Master Shadrack, we have had the privilege of learning valuable life skills through the practice of martial arts. This discipline has instilled in us a sense of self-discipline, improved our physical strength and fitness, and equipped us with essential self-defence strategies. Our experience has been truly enriching, and we are grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a skilled and dedicated teacher.

"Discovering Hidden Gems and Building Resilience: Senior Students Conquer Kereita Forest Hike"

This term, our senior students embarked on their most challenging excursion to date, tackling the rigorous terrain of Kereita Forest. The hike was no walk in the park, but the reward was well worth the effort - a spectacular view of the hidden gem, the waterfall.

This demanding hike taught us valuable lessons in resilience, perseverance, and the satisfaction that comes from conquering a tough challenge.

"Aiming for Excellence: Supporting Students in Exam Preparation and Achieving Academic Success"

Our students have dedicated themselves to their assessments, giving their best effort in every task. As the Year 12, and Year 6 students prepare for their upcoming Cambridge AS and Checkpoint exams, we wish them the best of luck. We urge parents to take a careful look at their children's results and offer support during the break to ensure continued progress. Our teachers are ready and available to provide assistance even during the break. Remember, your involvement is essential to your child's success.

"Nurturing Growth and Creativity: Exploring Themes and Believing in Our Students"

Believing in a child is one of the most impactful things a teacher can do. Guided by this principle, we launched into the term's learning with energy and enthusiasm that was mirrored by our students. Throughout the term, we explored various themes, including dental health, under the sea, around the world, weather, and post office, among others.

Our themes were jam-packed with engaging activities that fostered creativity, improved communication skills, and enriched their vocabulary. These themes also provided opportunities for learners to develop their fine and gross motor skills, promoting holistic growth. Witnessing our students blossom and grow was nothing short of remarkable, akin to watching flowers bloom!

Exciting New Learning Platforms!

You may be aware that the school had taken a break from the existing math supplementary program. This was to enable us to work on a platform that is in tandem with Cambridge Mathematics' guiding principles. Instead of focusing on drills, Cambridge prefers to use application-based learning to help kids develop more practical skills. The school has opted to introduce MATHGYM, a new extracurricular math platform, that brings together traditional learning styles such as worksheets and manipulatives, with a digital math program.

We have well-thought-out worldwide worksheets for daily practice and we have recently partnered with a program known as MANGA HIGH that provides a digital platform for further math practice. This also exposes them to other students world wide, giving them an opportunity to benchmark with other schools through a leaderboard. We are currently ranking 2nd in Africa! Also, note that the kids have access to MANGA HIGH even at home. Please take time to go through it with your child and get a feel of what's happening.

We are also getting into a partnership with BRITANNICA. This is a forum that provides children and adults with wide access to information on most topics for learning and research. Effectively, this program reduces or even eliminates the need for YouTube. I'm sure most parents are relieved by this as we are all aware of the dangers associated with YouTube, especially to children. We encourage all if you to take time to experience these new additions to our learning platforms with your children. We also welcome your feedback and any new ideas you may have to help us improve our service to the children.


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