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Caterpillars grow more than 2,000 times their original size before becoming Monarch butterflies! YOU, too, are undergoing remarkable transformations. Even if you don't realize it, you're growing bigger and learning more every day, just like the caterpillar. This craft will remind you that, despite how uncomfortable large changes can feel, you're on the correct track... and once you earn your wings, the next part of your trip begins!

  • Kipepeo "Grow Like a Butterfly" aims to develop self-awareness and the Growth Mindset of our students.

  • Kipepeo "Outdoors" organizes hikes and other activities that develop a sense of adventure, endurance, exploration, and a love for nature.

  • Kipepeo "Safaris" organizes trips and excursions both local and abroad for exposure to different peoples, places and cultures, to expand their worldview and inspire them.

  • Kipepeo "Jikoni" provides an opportunity to learn valuable life skills through cooking in fun and engaging sessions.

  • Kipepeo "Biz" provides valuable lessons and exposure to careers, entrepreneurship and the future of work through discussions, visits from different professionals, business day events and job shadow opportunities.

Kipepeo Mentorship Program: What's Happening
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