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Kennedy, My Second Home!

When May rolled around, it was just as expected, a stressful bunch of days, jumping through traffic, cramming and some sleepless nights. Even with that, this might have been my most memorable exam period, as it was an exam that marks a step forward in my school journey, the last exams I have to sit through as a high school student, at least, I would hope so.


My favourite part would have been before and after the exam, not just because I wasn't writing a paper, but because it was the time when my classmates and I would either be discussing how hard/easy the paper was or just random conversations that helped get rid of the nerves. These moments made exam season pass so quickly.

Looking back at my time at Kennedy, I realize I would miss it a lot, I didn't see my classmates, schoolmates, teachers, and the other respectable staff often but seeing them once a month was one of the things I would look forward to, I would never shut up about how I was going to school and eat my family's ears off because of my excitement, they could never shut me up. Even after I was done with the monthly visit I made to the school, my family had to hear about how I can't wait for the month to pass, things that happened in school, etc.


Graduation came around and I realized that I was now done with high school and a new chapter in my future will now be starting, it was nerve-wracking but when I was taking pictures, talking to my teachers, classmates and celebrating the end of my high school journey, It didn't matter because seeing the overjoyed smiling faces that welcomed me on graduation day and used to welcome me monthly was the only thing I cared about.

Driving back home I felt a roller coaster of emotions, unsure of the future or when the next time I would see my school and friends again, while eating the Kennedy cupcake, the only thing I was sure of was that Kennedy became a second home and I was welcome anytime.



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